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We often see a fir tree placed atop skyscrapers to celebrate completion of the iron frame. The tradition is said to have derived from early timber framers to pay homage to the trees that provide wood for our home.

The post-and-beam method of building homes has endured for over 600 years thanks to companies like Classic Post & Beam that have updated this sturdy construction method with modern designs and energy-efficient engineering methods.

Whether the home is finished in clapboards or shakes, the benefit of a post-and-beam home is in the interior. "Post-and-beam construction allows for lofty cathedral ceilings and more spacious living areas with the six-inch by six-inch timber posts and beams lending an overall feeling of strength and security," explains Jim Nadeau of Classic Post & Beam in York, Maine.

Classic Post & Beam homes are designed and manufactured at a sprawling facility just outside Bangor, and the company maintains offices and a full-time model home in York, Maine; just two-and-a-half miles north of the Kittery Trading Post. Travel time from Boston is about an hour and fifteen minutes and the model is open on weekends. Most buyers custom design their home by using Classic's portfolio of 25 designs as a springboard for ideas.

Nadeau adds, "The post-and-beam building method is one of the world's earliest and most versatile techniques. It is used for barns, houses and churches. These buildings place all the weight on vertical posts and horizontal beams. This construction method limits the need for interior, load-bearing walls and allows for more open living space. The Eastern white pine posts and beams usually remain exposed."

"Post and beam construction is how the Gothic cathedrals of Europe created open interior spaces and vaulted ceilings. American barns are the most common examples of post-and-beam construction seen in America and their frames often remain standing long after the walls have decayed or been removed," he says.

Instead of 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" studded walls, Classic homes are closed in with Murus Insulating Panels. The insulated structural panels are constructed of interior and exterior layers of 7/16" Oriented Strand Board and a urethane foam core. These panels are locked together with unique cam-lock fasteners. The result is a wall system that virtually eliminates moisture and air infiltration. In addition, a horizontal wiring channel or chase simplifies installation of electrical, cable-TV and telephone systems.

The interior walls are finished with locally purchased blue board which can be papered, painted or finished with a skim coat of plaster. Energy efficiency is R-28 which is superior to the R-19 values for houses framed with 2" x 6" studs and insulated with Fiberglass.

Pre-engineered Classic Post & Beam kits include such brand-name components as Andersen® Windows and Georgia-Pacific roofing shingles. The homes are designed to meet the requirements of the major building code agencies of the United States – BOCA, CABO, SBCC, and ICBO. By using a home-building, guesswork, cost over-runs and delay are virtually eliminated.

The company offers a portfolio that includes 25 floor plans, color photographs and decorating ideas for $18. In addition to the available plans, Classic Post & Beam will modify, or custom design, any home. Qualified buyers may receive a free, preliminary sketch and estimate. Parent company of Classic Post & Beam Company is Northeastern Log Homes which was founded in l972 and sells log and post-and-beam homes in the U.S. and Japan.

Consumer Benefits of Classic Post & Beam

  • The house is pre-engineered and may be custom-designed without any extra or hidden design charges.
  • Once the customer places an order, the price of all materials included in the kit is guaranteed.
  • Classic Post & Beam guarantees the product.
  • Post and beam is one of the world's oldest construction methods and has withstood the test of time. There are 600-year-old post and beam houses in Europe that are still in use.
  • Classic has integrated this time-tested method with modern technology to create an energy-efficient, easy-to-maintain home.
  • Murus Structural Insulated Panels, Andersen Windows™, and modern roofing system combine to cut energy costs.

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Classic Post & Beam

Portfolio of 25 home designs and color photography is: $18.

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